Why This Blog

Why I am writing:

I started getting out of my cultish community and into the modern Evangelical Christian church in 2002. For the first ten years, I wanted to leave everything “crazy” behind and just move forward. “Being Normal” was my goal. I didn’t usually talk about growing up or how I was raised. Even my husband didn’t know the full extent of the brainwashing until a few years ago.

Since 2013, when everything started being exposed about Bill Gothard, I have been doing a lot of thinking and processing. I have begun to see how many of the lies I was raised with have sneaked unnoticed into Evangelical Christianity. I’m not sure how this happened, but it did.

Maybe being raised in a cult has raised my skepticism level because I realize how easy it is to be deceived. Perhaps, I now have a more sensitive BS monitor. Or possibly God has given me a gift of discernment. Whatever the reason, I feel a strong passion for the truth! (Which I believe is found in the Bible: the REAL Bible, not random verses grabbed out of context and read in an archaic translation that no one understands.) I know that God has gifted me with the ability to communicate. And so, I write.

Who I am writing to:

If you are feeling disillusioned or discouraged with the Christianity you have found, if it seems dead, or ritualistic, or irrelevant, if you are longing and hoping for more, then this blog is for you. If you want to be reminded that God is WAY more amazing, powerful, real, loving, scary, gracious, crazy, and just MORE than you can ever imagine or understand, then this blog is for you. If you are looking for encouragement, faith, and hope, then this blog is for you.

I am not out to convince anyone, or argue, or insist that I am right. I’m not looking to debate, or impose my beliefs, or offend (although that might happen). I am just hoping that people will start to question, and wonder, and search. God has promised over and over that if we look for Him, we will find Him.

Some final thoughts:

Modern Evangelical Christianity is dying. It’s time we left the tradition, show, and ritualistic religion and got back to the source, to the One who started it all. If Jesus’ death was to restore the relationship between us and God, then we should start enjoying that relationship! Let’s get to know the God who created us, loves us, seeks us, and died to save us. If the Bible is the story of God’s interactions with humankind, then we should know it! Join me in getting into the Bible for ourselves so that we will know when someone is using it to lie to us. There is so much more. I know there is! Let’s find it. Let’s find Him!!


4 thoughts on “Why This Blog

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog as it was posted in a FB group I belong to. I was also in ATIA/IBLP. I struggled with the grace-concept and with truly understanding the nature of God for many, MANY years. I had to hit my personal bottom before I was broken and scarred enough to really seek my healer. Your blog is beautiful and i feel a kinship with you as I read your words. Thank you for writing and for inspiring this “virgin blogger” to keep putting my thoughts out there – even the vulnerable and unpopular ones. I am always looking for people who encourage my creativity and my faith…thank you for doing both! BTW…I will be adding your blog to my website section.

  2. I was involved with ATI and IBLP for many, many years and I spent some time at one of their training centers! Thank God my family and I have been out of the program for years. Great post! Keep up the good work and getting the word out! Bill Gothard is now counter suing his victims so it will be interesting as the story continues to unfold!

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